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                                 Off Road Truck                                                               1932 Roadster, Coupe and Vintage
         Motion Picture and Television                                        Suppling Tooling and Product for all Industries
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 Here you are at the Hannemann Fiberglass Inc. Website . Hannemann fiberglass has been an industry leader in the fiberglass business  for over 40 years. We are one the top innovators and manufactures of Offroad Automotive Parts. We Build some of the highest quality 1932 Ford Roadster and Coupe replica bodies, along with other vintage cars. We have worked hand and hand with all commercial industries (aviation, construction, automotive, marine and recreation) in designing and testing  new products.  Been involved extensively in racing. Down through the years we have also been heavily involved in the motion picture industry and television. The company also builds tooling manufactures for many of the other top companies in the automotive industry. With all this involvement in major markets the company still has stayed true to its roots, and has always held its hand out to the small entreprenuer,  guy racing on a shoe string independent contractors, and one off projects.
 we are always adding products, more pictures, and imformation daily. If there is something you need to know more about please call or use the contact sheet by clicking on the more about us link.
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